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November 2nd, 2010 | by admin |

Linking from an Object to object on any page is now a possibility on

Every object that is added to a chart has a internal URL automatically generated for it, even if you right click on the page and select “Upload image here” it will have a unique URL generated. You can use this URL to link objects on any page inside a chart.
Here is an example: In the below screenshot, Right click on the selected object ,  click Advanced and click Show internal object URL

Once you click that option, a Pop up window will display the object’s URL. <object><unique identifier>
copy the entire line

and Press OK. Then select the object you wish to link from and paste the copied object URL in the new Object’s URL property as you see below:

That’s it, now the current selected object is linked, to use the link, click the “M” icon and your linked object will be selected and highlighted. This linking can work from any page on any object.

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