Bye Bye Fisheye menu and more!

March 22nd, 2010 | by admin |

In today’s update we have two major features added and many bug fixes.

1) No more Fisheye menu in the editor.

2) Connect anywhere on simple and clipart objects.  In the previous version when you connected a line/arrow/curve to an object you had to click on a default set of connector points or increase/decrease your connection points via the Simple Object properties, this had two downsides, 1) You couldn’t really connect to the object itself, you could only connect to the border of the object, this was not very intuitive. 2) It was confusing to have so many connection points.
We completely did away with connection points with “connect anywhere” feature, now you can snap to the object itself, not the border and can snap anywhere, no preset points.

We hope you find this useful. Feedback is always appreciated.

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