Security Update

September 11th, 2014

It was brought to our attention that had couple of security “issues” -  Which have been fixed.

1) There was a possibility of someone using brute force to attack user accounts as we did not time out login attempts.

2) There was a possibility of XFS (Cross Frame Scripting) attack, whereby our embeded flowchart feature could be misused.

Not huge issues per-se, but issues none the less. Folks from “ethical” hacking site (especially Smit Shah ) sent over an email mentioning the issues along with option to get a bounty for bug report or option to publicly mention them. Since we don’t provide a bounty, next best thing was this blog post to thank them. We appreciate their report. Thank you Smit.

Box/DropBox/Gdrive/SkyDrive integration

October 29th, 2012

You are now able to save and open charts created with to any of the following services, DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive,. First time you save to any of the mentioned services you will have to login to that particular service, every save after that will not require a user/password until you log out of integration live.

April 19th, 2012

When you save a chart, now you have the option to save the chart to your a/c.

here is a brief method:

To save your chart to Box, Create a chart or open a previous chart you created, from the Save Menu choose “Save to” if you are doing this for the 1st time, a pop up window will display a login window for logging into your Box account. Each consecutive save, you will not have to input your Box account information. All files are saved in the charts folder in your Box account.

Quick Charting with Drag and Draw

August 11th, 2011

We updated yesterday with a Drag and Draw feature, You might have noticed a Arrow icon in the middle of any object you add to your chart and wondered what it does?

You can quickly create charts with Drag and Draw feature, Place one object on the chart, click and drag the Arrow icon from the center of the object and drop it anywhere and you will have two same object types with a connection. We found it tremendously useful in creating a mockup of a flowchart, hope you find it useful too!

Here is a simple video of how it works.

Here come the links!

November 2nd, 2010

Linking from an Object to object on any page is now a possibility on

Every object that is added to a chart has a internal URL automatically generated for it, even if you right click on the page and select “Upload image here” it will have a unique URL generated. You can use this URL to link objects on any page inside a chart.
Here is an example: In the below screenshot, Right click on the selected object ,  click Advanced and click Show internal object URL

Once you click that option, a Pop up window will display the object’s URL. <object><unique identifier>
copy the entire line

and Press OK. Then select the object you wish to link from and paste the copied object URL in the new Object’s URL property as you see below:

That’s it, now the current selected object is linked, to use the link, click the “M” icon and your linked object will be selected and highlighted. This linking can work from any page on any object.

What can you do with API?

September 3rd, 2010 API is flexible and powerful way to make your own flowchart application or a template.

We’ve created a Mind Map application using the API.  Try it out here:

To view the source code of what makes a regular object a mind map object, right click on a object  ->Advanced -> View Custom Script.

Start creating your own mind map.  Login to and create a new chart using the mind map template from the templates list. We’ll document all the API and add more comments to mindmap template next week.

Feedback welcome!

Sticky option is here!

August 20th, 2010

In your profile you can now setup defaults for

  • Fonts and Font Size
  • Zoom Level
  • Object Selection

Object Selection, let’s you select a object and continuously work with it until you either select a different object or change the select mode by clicking this button . After plenty of requests from the power users for this option, we’re happy to release it.

Here’s a short video of it. Make sure you view it in HD.

Feedback  on the forums is welcome as always!

Creating better curves

July 27th, 2010

Previously we had only 1 option “Smooth” which automatically created a smooth curve from the segmented line, users didn’t have many options to adjust the resulting Bézier curve. In the recent update, Segmented Lines have more smoothing options and better control.

  • Auto
  • Cubic
  • Quadratic

Once you draw a segmented line, adjust the smoothness by selecting the option “Smooth Type” in the object properties window.

Bye Bye Fisheye menu and more!

March 22nd, 2010

In today’s update we have two major features added and many bug fixes.

1) No more Fisheye menu in the editor.

2) Connect anywhere on simple and clipart objects.  In the previous version when you connected a line/arrow/curve to an object you had to click on a default set of connector points or increase/decrease your connection points via the Simple Object properties, this had two downsides, 1) You couldn’t really connect to the object itself, you could only connect to the border of the object, this was not very intuitive. 2) It was confusing to have so many connection points.
We completely did away with connection points with “connect anywhere” feature, now you can snap to the object itself, not the border and can snap anywhere, no preset points.

We hope you find this useful. Feedback is always appreciated.

How to Record and Playback your Flowchart.

February 22nd, 2010 has a Record & Playback feature, where you can record all the actions you perform when creating a Flowchart and save it for playback at any time.  Say for example you are creating a process and want to clue in your peers of how you got to that process, you can record the creation of your flowchart and send them a playback link where they can either play it back frame by frame or play it back as a movie so they can understand your thought process and start collaborating via realtime collaboration functionality to further enhance the process. Here is a short demo below.